📚 Prerequisites?

This course is designed to help those with a foundational understanding of cloud computing with Amazon Web Services, gain a deeper understanding of the platform and how to utilize its services to develop meaningful solutions. During these 8 weeks will dive deeper into the AWS service catalog, and put on our engineering hats to discover the true power of the cloud. To get the most out of this journey, it is recommended you have the following:

  • Familiarity with AWS core services such as EC2, S3, IAM, RDS etc.
  • An understanding of distributed computing.
  • Basic command line navigation skills.
  • An AWS account with the ability to access it from the Console, and programmatically

😨 Don't Feel Ready?

No Problem! Here are links to a few resources to get you up to speed!

Horizons Apprentice Level

Here is an 8 part introduction to cloud computing with AWS

🎓 Curriculum

Each week we will focus in on understanding and building with new concepts!

Week 1

  • Oh you thought you knew S3?

Week 2

  • Diving Deeper into Databases
    • Choosing the right DB solution

Week 3

  • Very Important VPC's

Week 4

  • Who Am I? Discovering your Identity

Week 5

  • Highly Available Architectures

Week 6

  • Cost Optimization

Week 7

  • A Week with Cloud Formation

Week 8

  • Event Driven Workflows