deCoded: A Trek into Software Engineering and Computer Science

deCoded: A Trek into Software Engineering and Computer Science


👨🏽‍💻 Today, every company is a software company. The software industry is booming and demand for qualified software engineers is expected to increase by over 23% by 2028. deCoded is a technical training series designed to help you gain a solid foundation in Software Engineering and Computer Science, disciplines that will enable you to change the world by wielding technology to solve our toughest problems. The goal of this course is to truly understand the concepts, so we won’t be focused on learning any language in particular, but we will be writing code in Go, Python, JavaScript…..and probably Rust. Whether you are looking to build amazing websites, or write software to manage your cloud infrastructure, this course is highly encouraged for anyone looking to write any type of code for a living.

🎓 Curriculum



⁉️What is deCoded?

deCoded is an 8 week trek into the world of Software Engineering and Computer Science. By the end of the Trek you can expect to have learned the following:

  • How to use your foundational software knowledge to solve popular algorithmic challenges
  • How to build tools to use form the CLI
  • What API's are and how we can write code to interact with them
  • An understanding of SQL and NoSql databases and how we utilize them when building applications
  • How to utilize concurrency to create more efficient applications
  • How to synthesize what you have learned into a way that can help you land a job!

💵 How much is deCoded?

MASTERMND Academy is a Pay What You Want training series. There is NO REQUIED COST for any offering on MASTERMND Academy, so signup! You've literally got nothing to lose 🤪 If at any point you do find value in the courses, and want to contribute to our mission of ensuring anyone, anywhere has access to these engineering skills, click the link below!

⌚ When is deCoded?

Use the calendar below to see all dates.

🗺️ Where is deCoded?

deCoded will take place on the MASTERMND Twitch channel!