Camp: Code


Camp Code

Although a Base Camp is positioned at the base of a mountain, it often requires quite the journey to get there. Many miles over rough terrain, with lots of gear. Camp Code is designed to challenge you by thrusting you into the world of software engineering and computer science. This will cover the concepts necessary to give you a strong foundation in software concepts so that you can write code, to solve problems.


What will we learn?

Fundamental, core computer science and programing concepts

The focus of this course is for you to not only learn how to code, but to have a full and complete understanding of to use code to solve problems. We will dive deep into these concepts and use hands on practice to cement our understanding of them. This will cover the full gamut of things from installing a text editor to utilizing bitwise operators. Full Curriculum will be posted and shared at the Information session occurring on April 5th. Information for this will be shared in the registration email.

Camp Code Curriculum

How much does it cost?

How hard is this going to hit my pockets.

While there will be a number of ways to support if you find the course valuable, this course is completely free. No strings attached.

What languages will we be learning?


The language we will primarily use will be Go, but this course is designed to ensure you have a deep understanding of programming concepts. You will be exposed to other languages such as Python throughout the course as well. This course will give you the tools to be able to hop into any language you want and get moving with it quickly.

Who is this class for?

Is this for me?

This class is anyone looking to get started on their programming journey who wants to develop a very strong foundation to build from. This is designed for complete beginners to programming and is paced in a way that should allow most people to be able to learn and keep up even with a busy lifestyle.

This is also for people who have already begun their coding journey but are having trouble grasping the “whys” of what you are doing. This class will be essential for you to take your abilities to the next level.

How long is this class?

Is this going to take long

This class is 22 parts. with 1 part per week. It averages around 25 weeks due to holidays. The schedule can be found here.

What hardware do I need?

Do I need a fancy computer?

The minimum requirements are simply a web browser as there are a number of online tools that can be used to filly participate. That being said, a phone or small tablet would be very difficult to participate on. Recommendations:

  • Macbook or PC running Windows 7, 10, 11 or Linux
  • Chromebooks work well if using online tools. While there are free tools, the one we recommend most has a cost of around $7 a month

Will I be ready for a job?

What can I do once I take this class

No. With this class alone, you will not be job ready but you will be well on your way. Taking these skills into one of our Treks, or combining this with other domain knowledge would help put you right where you want to be.